ATROM Network is a Switzerland-based Blockchain company. The company’s blockchain network, named AtromG8 (pronounced as Atrom gate) is a unique multi-DLT Blockchain landscape powered by the innovative MixNet 5.0. Super Structure built by international experts in different fields of modern technology in order to take the next step of human communication and digital evolution.

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    Blockchain Company
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    Token Building, Crypto Wallet

Project Scope

AtromG8 is a blockchain network that powers a large ecosystem of products and platforms such as IDSP (International Digital Student Pass), Sendvalu (Swiss Money Transfer), Chainsat (Secure transactional network for enterprises), etc. In order to facilitate the decentralized model of AtromG8, a crypto token and a crypto wallet are essential. The key project requirements were to build ATROMG8 token, a crypto token built on top of a blockchain network that can be used as the transactional instrument in AtromG8 network. Build a crypto wallet to manage ATROM token, available in the form of mobile apps (iOS & Android), and Build an integrated secure chat option in the wallet app for facilitating communication between traders.

Based on the client’s requirements, we built the AtromG8 token on top of the blockchain network. The token can facilitate confidential transactions and enables assets to be verifiably transferred between different blockchains. The network also allows block creation through multi-party signature while decreasing transaction confirmation times and preventing multi-block reorganizations. The crypto wallet we developed for AtromG8 is available in Android as well as iOS versions. Users of the app can seamlessly transfer the crypto tokens with each other as well as use the token as a payment instrument for the services provided by the application such as file transfer, ticket bookings, hotel bookings, etc. The application also facilitates a highly secure messenger for users to communicate with each other.

All the products created and exchanged on the platform can use the ATROMG8 coin for sending and retrieving data, compensating for the efforts and cost of services, and as “Gas” for using other coins and tokens in the ecosystem. It can also facilitate payments involving multiple currencies. The presence of the highly innovative 5.0. MixNet Superstructure Technology makes it much safer and secure for the private users and companies that build their day-to-day business on this structure.