Delorean Alpha5

Future Tech’s proprietary technology is powering the DeLorean Marketplace for both primary and secondary sales of the Production Slots / Digital Twins. This mean that every NFT is actually a reservation to purchase a DeLorean Alpha5.

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    Delorean Alpha5
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In an era where technology and innovation are transforming industries, Future Tech, in collaboration with NFT IQ, undertook a groundbreaking project with the iconic DeLorean. Our mission? To redefine automotive sales using digital twins, leading the industry into a new epoch of digital vehicle reservations.

The Challenge
The automotive world was set to witness the launch of DeLorean's Alpha5. Without a conventional dealer network, DeLorean needed an avant-garde method for potential buyers to reserve this eagerly anticipated vehicle.

Our Solution

  1. The Digital Twin Revolution: Together with our partners, we developed a unique system where each NFT (Non-Fungible Token) represents a digital twin, essentially a reservation for the DeLorean Alpha5. We successfully sold 9,351 of these production slots, marking a paradigm shift in vehicle reservations.
  2. DeLorean Marketplace: Powered by Future Tech's proprietary technology, the DeLorean Marketplace became the hub for both primary and secondary sales of these NFTs. Each token not just symbolized digital ownership but an actual reservation to purchase the DeLorean Alpha5.
  3. Innovative Functional NFTs: Going a step further, our collaboration with DeLorean led to the creation of a state-of-the-art NFT microchip physically tied to each vehicle. This chip structures and stores monthly data from the Alpha5's computer within the NFT. For the first time, vehicle owners can have all their car's data right at their fingertips, encapsulating the essence of the vehicle within its digital twin.

Future Tech's pioneering venture with DeLorean has transformed the narrative of automotive sales and ownership. We've not only digitized the reservation process but also enhanced the bond between vehicle and owner through innovative technology. The fusion of NFTs with physical assets marks a new horizon in digital integration, and the DeLorean Alpha5 project stands as a beacon of this evolution.