BlocHealth is powering the future of healthcare administration. Through BlocHealth, clinicians and organizations can use their credentialing data to order multiple services at the click of a button. Services available today: State License Registrations, Payer Enrollments, DEA & CSR Registrations, Renewals, & more!

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    United States
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    Health Platform
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    Blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric

In the realm of healthcare, security and trust are paramount. Recognizing this, BlocHealth sought a transformative solution. Future Tech, entrusted with this vision, was tasked to intertwine robust software architecture with the formidable power of Blockchain to construct a revolutionary platform.

The Challenge:
Healthcare professionals constantly navigate a maze of documents, licenses, and certifications. Facilitating secure storage and easy yet controlled sharing of these crucial documents to authoritative entities, while maintaining utmost confidentiality and integrity, presented a significant challenge.

Our Solution:

  1. Advanced Software Architecture: The foundation of BlocHealth is the intricate software architecture designed by Future Tech. This framework, meticulously crafted, ensures flexibility, scalability, and robustness, addressing the multifaceted needs of healthcare professionals.
  2. Blockchain Integration: By embedding Blockchain technology into the platform, we've achieved a secure vault for storing professionals' documents like certificates and licenses. Beyond mere storage, Blockchain ensures that the data, once entered, remains immutable and transparent.
  3. Controlled Document Sharing: BlocHealth isn't just a storage solution. Professionals can share their documents with relevant entities such as HCOs, Medical boards, Colleges, and insurance companies upon request, fostering collaboration while preserving data sovereignty.
  4. Enhanced Auditability & Governance: With its superior infrastructure, BlocHealth amplifies the auditability of systems, improving governance and refining patient record management, making the entire process more seamless and trustworthy.

Future Tech's collaboration with BlocHealth stands as a beacon for modern healthcare technology solutions. Through strategic software architecture and Blockchain integration, we've crafted a platform that redefines document management and sharing in the healthcare domain. BlocHealth, underpinned by our technology, exemplifies the next stride in secure, transparent, and efficient healthcare operations.